Happiness 101

Although happiness is subjective and often difficult to achieve, it is always within reach. This course presents scientifically proven mindset and habits that help you become happier. More importantly, you could share these happiness tips with others to make them happier and more fulfilled in life.

What You’ll Learn?
Simple, yet full-proof practical mindset and habits that help you experience true and lasting happiness.

Course Content

Total learning: 11 lessons Time: 60 minutes


I believe in PSYCHO-EDUCATION. In my profession, I come across a lot of people whose psychological issues are mainly caused by limiting, often flawed thoughts and conceptualization about themselves, others, and what happens to and around them. Psycho-education could be used as the single most powerful tool to help restructure THINKING patterns of individuals. The outcome would be a more positive outlook which constructively affects all aspects of living, improving one's overall performance at work, in learning, in relationships, as well as spiritual experience. All my courses are meant to help TRANSFORM individuals and help them experience a LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE.
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