Living a Purpose Driven Life

Many psychological issues are a direct result of the lack of meaning and purpose in life. This course teaches you how to discover your true meaning and purpose, consequently helping you live a more purpose driven life.

What You’ll Learn?
Step-by-step guide to living more purposefully and meaningfully.

Course Content

Total learning: 11 lessons


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I believe in PSYCHO-EDUCATION. In my profession, I come across a lot of people whose psychological issues are mainly caused by limiting, often flawed thoughts and conceptualization about themselves, others, and what happens to and around them. Psycho-education could be used as the single most powerful tool to help restructure THINKING patterns of individuals. The outcome would be a more positive outlook which constructively affects all aspects of living, improving one's overall performance at work, in learning, in relationships, as well as spiritual experience. All my courses are meant to help TRANSFORM individuals and help them experience a LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE.
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