IKON Educational & Psychological Consultancy (IKON EPC) was established with the prime role of uplifting people’s personal and professional experiences, regardless of their gender, education background, geographical location, and socioeconomic status. At IKON EPC, we believe that life is always progressive; and regardless of your past or present, you could choose the kind of future you wish to experience for yourself and the people around you.

Living a successful, happy, and fulfilling life is not the privilege of a few. It is for EVERY human being! What most people don’t realize is that success, happiness, and living to their full potential CAN BE LEARNED. IKON EPC presents 36 such life-changing courses under 5 distinct categories – namely, PERSONAL TRANSFORMATIONPRODUCTIVITYHAPPINESSENTREPRENEURSHIP AND LEADERSHIP.

At IKON EPC, we understand that while people desperately wish to learn these valuable courses, they may not necessarily have all the time in the world to do so due to workload, family commitments, and other existing responsibilities. This is why every course shared on this website requires only 60 MINUTES of your time – for learning, reflection, and a simple review exercise. Hence the courses are most suitable for busy individuals who seek to experience REAL personal and professional transformation in a matter of minutes.