Good managers and leaders are not born, they are MADE.  Effective management and leadership skills CAN BE TAUGHT and learned.  While most MBA programmes prepare executives to manage businesses or corporations, there is no MBA in the market today that focus on the coaching and mentoring of fresh MBA graduates or amateur managers to become excellent leaders.

This MBA is meant to certify seasoned, senior entrepreneurs, business leaders and management innovators to formally coach fresh MBA graduates and amateur managers to become the BEST business thinkers and doers.  This world's first, unique MBA in Executive Coaching is meant exclusively for those who already possess a recognized MBA degree, with at least ten years of executive management and professional experience.

The 36 Personal and Professional Transformation courses required for the successful completion of this programme sets it apart from all other MBAs in the whole world.  These 36 Personal and Professional Transformation courses provide the candidate with key winning mindsets and habits required to coach fresh MBA graduates and amateur managers to become significantly impactful and emotionally intelligent leaders.

This is currently not taught in any MBA programme.  MBA graduates equipped merely with various management subject knowledge will not succeed in the job market of the 21st century and beyond. Only those with sound habits and constructive mindsets would thrive and make an enduring impact as managers and leaders. Hence the world desperately needs qualified and experienced executive coaches to meet the demands of this growing market.

According to some estimates, while Life Coaches make $160 per hour and Business Coaches make $235 per hour, EXECUTIVE COACHES make a staggering $325 per hour. Also, with massive technological advancements in recent years, we could safely infer that this phenomenon would only grow bigger as Executive Coaching moves into virtual space and become unrestricted by geographical location or time.

If you fall under the category of a senior administrator holding a recognized MBA degree with vast experience in the field of business and management; and if you are passionate about grooming future innovative leaders to take the world by storm; then this MBA in Executive Coaching is for YOU!

Welcome to the WORLD-CLASS MBA for those who dare to COACH FUTURE MANAGERS & LEADERS!


Certification is awarded by the European International University (EIU) - Paris. The European International University (EIU-Paris) has once again outperformed 5 other Business Schools around the world to climb up to Top-70 WORLD RANKING for the year 2021 (from its previous ranking of Top-75 in 2020). A number of parameters are used to compile the ranking, which is based on the satisfaction levels of individual students, industry professionals, and corporate recruiters.